Beyond Boundaries

Land Purchase & Building Project

Introducing the Beyond Boundaries Project:

Dear Friends,

Melissa and I would like to share some exciting news with you regarding the church and bring you up to speed on a few recent developments and an opportunity we believe the Lord has brought to us.  Great things are happening!

In January of 2016, the Lord began dealing with us about the future location for our church and, shortly after that, we discovered a piece of land that was for sale in that same area.  We continued to look at it over the course of 2016 but when 2017 began, it seemed like this was something that we needed to pursue.  So, in March of this year, after much prayer, planning and discussion with our board, we decided to make an offer on that property.  The offer was less than their asking price and the seller ultimately decided not to accept our offer… but what happened next is the reason why we’re sharing all of this with you.

The day after they turned down our offer, we received a call about the land immediately next to that property (we didn’t even realize that it was for sale at the time). As it turned out, this property was bigger, nicer, and it had a building on it!  To make a long story short, after negotiations, we are going to be able to purchase the larger property with the building for about half of what they were asking for the first property! I believe that this is what I was praying about at the beginning of 2016 and that this property is going to be the future home for our church.

Let me share some more details with you.  The land sits about 5 miles SW from our current location on Route 71 and is visible from Route 126 in Yorkville, not far from Route 47.  The building on site, once renovated, would give us more square footage than our present rented facilities and would enable us to double our sanctuary space.  This would be a great first step in the short term and, with a total of 34 acres, the new property would also allow for much future church growth and expansion.

We believe that this is a window of opportunity for our church to go beyond our boundaries.  This is why we are launching the Beyond Boundaries Project.  We believe that the Lord is positioning us to make a greater impact and together, by His unlimited grace, we will take the land… I believe that the Lord is with us and that we are WELL ABLE!

As you scroll down on this page, you will find more detailed information about the Beyond Boundaries Project and how you can be a part of it.  We’re simply asking that you pray about supporting this project to help us advance the Kingdom.  We believe that our best days are just ahead!  Thank you so much for your friendship, prayers and support.

Much Love & Blessings!

Jordan & Melissa Gash, Pastors

Latest Updates

September 11, 2018 Update | Introducing Phase 2

Hello Friends,

Melissa and I are excited to bring you this one year anniversary update for the Beyond Boundaries ProjectIt was just one year ago today that we closed on our 34 acre property in Yorkville, soon to be the home of Restore Church. Since that time, by God’s grace and the financial support of friends like you, we have been making great progress and plan to move to our new church home soon.

Our building construction is getting close to completion. All of our heating and cooling units are now up and running, painting has begun and flooring is currently being installed. The exterior windows and commercial glass doors are going in this week, followed by the siding and new roof. Things have really come a long way since we started the building renovations in May.

In regards to our official launch date, we will not be launching on September 30 as we had originally planned. There were 2 more permits that we needed to have prior to the start of our excavation and obtaining them has taken much longer than originally expected. As a result, our launch date has been delayed. The good news is that we actually received one of the needed permits last Friday and we expect to have the other one soon! We will be sure to communicate to everyone our timeline and the official launch date just as soon as we know more.

Please know that your financial support is making a difference. After launching the Beyond Boundaries Project one year ago, we have since reached and exceeded our initial goal of $119,000. All of the funds that have come in over the past year have gone towards the land purchase, building renovations and the excavation that is about to begin. We are excited to announce that we are now launching Phase 2 of the Beyond Boundaries Project. Phase 2 is a new $125,000 goal to pay for our paving and parking lot expenses. We are simply asking that everyone pray about supporting this new project goal. We believe that together, with the Lord’s help, we will be able to reach our goal and finish this project strong!

Thank you again for your friendship, prayers and financial support over the past year. We are grateful for you and we are believing with you for great increase in every area of your life. I believe that this is a time for us to dream big dreams with God, to align our vision with His, and to put our complete trust in Him in a greater way. There is an important reason why we are going beyond our boundaries… God loves people and He wants to use us to impact our community and our generation with the life-giving message of Jesus! So, let’s go far beyond where we’ve ever been before. Let’s go beyond boundaries!

We will be sure to stay in touch with more updates and project details.

Much love and blessings!

Jordan & Melissa Gash
Pastors at Restore Church

August 1, 2018 Update

Dear Friends,

Blessings to you and your family! Great things are happening and we are excited to bring you an important update regarding the Beyond Boundaries Project and our plans for the launch of Restore Church. As many of you already know, we are getting ready to begin a new season as a church in a new location with a new name! Our vision is getting bigger and much clearer. Our team is growing and we’ve been putting new systems in place that will help our church carry out our mission and grow in a healthy way. We believe that God is doing something amazing right now and we’re looking forward to what’s ahead!

We plan to launch at our new Yorkville location this Fall. Construction started on our new building this past May and is now well underway. We’ve set a very aggressive construction schedule in order to launch Restore Church in the Fall and things are really coming together… the Lord is with us and He is helping us! As long as everything stays on schedule, we plan to open the weekend of September 30, 2018.

We are now at 44% of our original project goal. Please know that your financial support is making a difference! We would not be here without you and the grace of God that has enabled us throughout this process. Thank you for generously supporting this project and for helping us bring the life-changing message of Jesus to our community in a greater way.

The Lord is doing something really special in our church right now as we prepare to begin this exciting new season. I want to share with you a message that I preached this past Sunday from a new series we’re calling, Welcome Home. I hope that it stirs your heart regarding the mission that Jesus has given to us… this mission is what the Beyond Boundaries Project and Restore Church is all about.

We love you and we appreciate you. We will be bringing you more updates soon!

Much Love & Blessings,

Jordan & Melissa

December 1, 2017 Update

Dear Friends,

As Melissa and I consider all that has taken place over the past year, our hearts are full of gratitude for what the Lord has done. 2017 has definitely been a special year for our family and for our local church! We are seeing God’s favor, restoration, and increase in amazing ways and we are grateful for the special season that our church is in right now. We believe that this is an exciting time for all of us to go beyond our boundaries!

We want to give you a quick update on how things are moving along with the building project. As some of you know, there was quite a bit of demolition work needed to be done on the inside of the building before any kind of construction could take place. I’m excited to report that all of the interior demo work is now complete! Getting that work out of the way was a big step towards our interior renovation goals. We are continuing to meet with city officials, engineers and our architect to fine tune our building plans and we hope to have more information soon regarding a possible timeline for the renovation. We will be sure to share with you those details as we have them!

We also want to be sure to say a special THANK YOU to all of you who have given and continue to give towards this project. God’s grace and your gifts are enabling us to take this step in order for our church to make a greater impact. Thank you for helping us take the message of Jesus to this region and beyond! Together, we are taking the land and going beyond our boundaries!

Much love & blessings!

Jordan & Melissa Gash, Pastors

November 1, 2017 Update

Dear Friends,

November 7, 2017 marks 13 years since we started the church. Since that day, we have been on an amazing journey, one that Melissa and I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. While we are forever thankful for all that God has done over the years, we know that it doesn’t begin to compare to what He has in store! As we celebrate this anniversary of the church, we felt like it would be the perfect time to also introduce some exciting changes that will be taking place when we move to our new location. We would like to officially introduce to you today the future name of our church, Restore Church. We believe that Restore Church is a new name for a greater vision. Our current name describes where we are but our new name speaks to who we are. We are really excited about making this change! In addition to sharing with you the new church name, we also want to bring you up to speed on where we are with the Beyond Boundaries Project.

God’s grace has been abounding towards us and we have made great progress since our last update. When we first launched the project this past August, we set what we’ve called our 250 Seat Goal. At $3,200.00 per seat, the project will be paid in full. Our initial goal was to pay for 79 of the 250 seats in order to purchase the property and begin the building renovations. We’re excited to announce that since our last update, we have officially reached our first goal of 79 seats! As of today, 80 seats have been paid for, leaving only 170 seats to pay off the project. God is so good!!!

In addition to paying off the project, our goal now is to move things along as fast as possi­ble. Thanks to some pretty amazing volunteers, the clean-up and demo work out at the property has been going well. We’re also working with an architect and a civil engineer to finalize the necessary plans for building renova­tions and parking lot construction. We do not have a definite timeline yet as to when we will be able to move onto the property but we will be sure to let you know just as soon as we have more information.

We especially want to thank all of you that have given and continue to give towards this project. You are helping us go beyond our boundaries as a church in order to impact this area with the gospel of Jesus! We are sincerely grateful for your support. Together, by God’s grace, we are taking the land!

Much love and blessings,

Jordan & Melissa Gash, Pastors

October 1, 2017 Update

Hello Friends,

Melissa and I would like to give you a quick update on the progress of the Beyond Boundaries Project. Great things are happening! First, we want to thank all of you who have already given towards this project. We have seen an amazing response from our church family and our friends both here in Illinois and around the world. THANK YOU for helping us take this step in order to advance the kingdom of God and go beyond our boundaries! We’re excited to share with you what has taken place since we first announced the Beyond Boundaries Project in August.

On September 8, we officially closed on the new church property, a total of 34 acres along with the building that we plan to renovate. The very next day, a group of volunteers from the church went to work on the lot, mowing and clearing out overgrowth and dead trees. They have done a tremendous amount of work in a short period of time and we are off to a really great start. While continuing to do what we can ourselves in order to get the building and site ready, things are also well under way with the required engineering and architectural planning to get city permits and to begin building and parking lot construction. The Lord has definitely been showing us favor and things are progressing well.

When we launched the project, we set 2 main goals, an immediate goal to fund the renovation costs and an overall goal to pay for the entire project. Things are coming together quickly! We are very excited to announce that we are now at 91 % of reaching our first project goal. So, for the seat goals that we set, 72 seats at $3,200.00 per seat have been paid for and now only 7 more seats at $3,200.00 per seat are remaining to reach our first goal. God is doing exceeding abundantly above all that we could ask or think! Once we reach 100% of our first goal, we will be able to begin full construction and renovations. We are almost there!

Thank you so much for your friendship, prayers and support. We are confident that our best days are just ahead. Together, by the grace of God, we are taking the land!

Much love & blessings,

Jordan & Melissa Gash, Pastors


Together, We’re Going “Beyond Boundaries”

Thank you for helping us take the message of Jesus to our community and beyond through your support of the Beyond Boundaries Project. 100% of your tax-deductible gifts will go towards the land purchase and building project. We greatly appreciate your support and we are praying that you would increase more and more in every good thing!

The Lord shall increase you more and more, you and your children. Ye are blessed of the Lord which made heaven and earth.” - Psalm 115:14-15

Four Ways You Can Give Directly to the Beyond Boundaries Project:


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To initiate a text donation, simply text any dollar amount followed by a space and the word beyond to 84321. From there, you’ll follow a quick, self-guided setup process. After that, donating is as easy as sending a text.

US Mail

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Audio Messages

Beyond Boundaries…

The One who created us sees our future clearer than we see our past and He is calling us out from where we have been into the great days that He has prepared for us. In these 5 audio messages by Pastors Jordan & Melissa Gash, you will be encouraged about God’s plan to take you beyond your present circumstances.

Don’t allow the world around you to set the boundaries for your life. Instead, let your Heavenly Father give you new boundaries that are far beyond where you’ve ever been before! It’s time to go beyond your previous boundaries, limitations, walls and borders.  It’s time to dream new dreams and to believe for great things. It’s time to walk in the fulfillment of your God-given destiny and to experience the full power and provision that your Heavenly Father has made ready for you in this hour.

Your best days are just ahead. Get ready… it’s time to go BEYOND BOUNDARIES!


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